Self-Love: 31 Daily Positive Affirmations for March

I had hoped I'd have found a rhythm for writing these daily positive affirmations by now, considering we are three months in to this year of daily positive affirmations, but actually this month felt the hardest of all - hence the late publication date. Upon reflection, I don't see this as a bad thing, especially as (yet again) SO MUCH has happened this month. (And if you'd like to, you can also read January's and February's positive affirmations.)

Each week, huge world events have prompted vast media responses and the reactions on social media have been just as dynamic, fluid, and frankly, overwhelming at times. So, I'm glad I've been able to take a bit of extra time and think of some hopefully relevant and helpful positive affirmations for March, and well, every day they bring you some comfort, focus or peace.

Daily Positive Affirmations for March

As always, I share these positive affirmations in the hope that you find one, two or maybe three or four you really like or that suit your current circumstances. Not every single affirmation is going to work for you, and that's okay. If most of them help you to pause, reflect or re-frame a negative thought, that's fantastic! If just one or two really give you a new way of looking and thinking about things, then my work here is done.

It's true that saying positive affirmations out loud really is very effective at getting your brain to listen to the words you're saying, likewise when you repeat affirmations three times or more. This will also help you remember the affirmation, making it easier for your brain to find it again in the huge thought-processing filing cabinet that is your mind. But saying affirmations out loud feels hard, don't worry. Even repeating them silently to yourself or reading them again and again as you study this list, it will all help.

So let's dive into these daily positive affirmations for March. And if you'd like to have copies of these as JPEG files that you can share on social media, print out or save as your phone's desktop, you can find them all on my Ko-fi page for as cheap as a $1 donation!

  1. I am ready for spring and the warmth, light and hope it will bring.
  2. I savour the sunshine whenever it touches my skin.
  3. When I notice new flowers growing I am noticing signs of hope, growth and possibility.
  4. Nature surrounds me with love. Love surrounds me with nature.
  5. I am a beautiful and brave work in progress.
  6. I am human and I am flawed. I surrender to this truth.
  7. My body is my home.
  8. I am a song only I can sing.
  9. While there is much joy in the world, there is great pain too. I keep this fragile truth in my heart.
  10. I hold space for those I love who may be experiencing pain, loss and grief.
  11. My intentions are irrelevant when my actions cause harm. Owning this may feel hard, but it is liberating for all.
  12. Shame is something I feel and work through. Shame is not something I hold on to or use against others.
  13. I acknowledge the many privilege I have in life and I use them consciously to lift up others.
  14. It is only when I acknowledge my mistakes, apologise and atone for them, that I can begin to help and heal those I have wronged.
  15. Apologising with grace and humility is something I am ready and willing to do as and when it is needed.
  16. I am always learning. I will never stop learning.
  17. I remind myself that there is nothing binary about this world; feelings, identities, experiences. We are always more than just one or two things.
  18. I take time to understand the difference between mental chatter and my truest thoughts.
  19. Other people's views and opinions about my character are like the wind; they will happen and they will occasionally knock me down, but they are ever-changing and always out of my control.
  20. The pace at which I best enjoy life most is an important and unique thing. I stay true to that and not somebody else's rhythm.
  21. I do not lose myself in the noise my mind when I am tired or overwhelmed. I let it all pass me by.
  22. After periods of stress and strain must come a time for rest and recovery.
  23. I release myself from the hold of hard moments, bad days and difficult times in my life.
  24. I move at the pace of life that works best for me, and it is okay if this changes daily.
  25. Being in survival mode is useful when I need it, but it is not a healthy place to stay for a long period of time. I remember this and do what I can to rest and recover from it, when I can.
  26. I am in charge of telling my own story.
  27. I celebrate small wins, every day.
  28. My love is always growing and multiplying, ready to surprise and save me, always.
  29. I remind myself that even the darkest stains will fade with time and sunshine.
  30. Love is infinite and limitless.
  31. Sometimes, some problems will solve themselves with patience, time and love.

For more positive affirmations you can find 100 daily positive affirmations here, lists of positive affirmations for depression, affirmations for stress and anxiety, 100 healing affirmations, and some posts explaining how and why affirmations work, and why all writers should try affirmation. I also share near-daily affirmations on my Instagram pages: @asthebirdfliesblog and @writenowcards.

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