Write for As the Bird flies...

Would you like to share a story with As the Bird flies readers?

Yes? Great! Because I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to write a guest post for As the Bird flies.

I'm looking to give new writers and bloggers an opportunity to engage with new readers through writing on As the Bird flies. Aside from travel guides (see below), this is not a paid opportunity, though I will happily send you one of my books and answer any of your questions about writing/indie-publishing/travelling etc. if you think I could help.

As this is a blog about travel and writing, ideally they are the topics your posts should be related to, but other than that, you can write about whatever you want. Just send me an email (hello@asthebirdfliesblog.com) with a post idea and some more information about yourself.

Here are some ideas of posts my readers like:

  • Travel Guides: Do you know a city or destination really well? Want to help my readers explore this place and get the most out of their visit? I'd love to feature your destination guide on this blog! And depending on the destination and type of content, I'd be happy to pay for your hard work. Please get in touch!
  • Travel Advice: What tips would you give to somebody travelling to a particular city or part of the world? Can we learn from your experience... or mistakes?
  • Writing Advice and Stories: How do you write? What do you write? When do you write? And what have you learned about yourself as a writer? Share your story with us!
  • Your Motherhood Stories: What has becoming a mother looked like for you? What have been your struggles as a parent? What have you learned about yourself and the world since becoming a mother? If you want to share your story or your experience please get in touch. (Please note: I do not normally publish parenting "tips" stories so these may not be worth pitching unless you have something very special in mind!).
  • Your Journey: Tell us about an experience that changed you. It could be writing your first book (or maybe surviving your first NaNoWriMo experience!), embarking on long-term travel or changing your life so you could follow your dreams. I'd love to find out more...
  • A Reader's Question: Would you like to ask me something about a topic I write about (e.g. travel, location independence, freelancing, writing, publishing books) and would you like to share a bit of your story with my readers too? Then get in touch and I'll share my answer with you in a blog post that will hopefully help others!
  • Photo stories of a place, a journey or even your local area. Check out my "In Photos" series of posts for inspiration.
  • Short Fiction: Have you written a short story or a poem or something else that you'd like to share with the world? I'd love to help you find an audience for it.

Post Requirements:

I ask that posts are minimum of 1000 words, feature at least three really great photos (of 1200px width minimum and no watermarks) and your content is original and authentic, i.e. based on personal experience. Don't worry about structure, headings, keywords or SEO - I will edit for these things as well as proofreading.

What I can offer you:

I will happily link back to your blog, website and social media profiles, and you can also feature other links to other products, as long as they are approved by me first so please be honest if you want to include an external link.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm looking to help fellow bloggers and writers, not brands or companies, get exposure here. If you're looking to promote your business on As the Bird flies, please email me (hello@asthebirdfliesblog.com) and we'll chat about how I can help. Alternatively check out my Work With Me page.