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Are you looking for a travel blog about Amsterdam to help you plan your upcoming Amsterdam trip? Excellent! You're in the right place and I'm so glad you're here because that's exactly what this here blog is about; travelling to Amsterdam!

I've lived in Amsterdam since 2013 and now have a house and family here, so I'd like to think I know all the best things to do in Amsterdam, as well as being able to advise travellers how to get around and enjoy their trip depending on their own budget, tastes and other requirements.

Okay, it's also true that this is a blog about other travel things too like family travel, luxury travel, and well, just general travel to destinations other than Amsterdam. Oh, and it's also a blog about motherhood and writing (as I'm also a mum and an author of fiction), oh and a little self-love and affirmation too, but if you put a gun to my head and asked me what As the Bird flies is predominantly about I would have to say that it is an Amsterdam travel blog, because the vast majority of my posts are about Amsterdam travel, and I also get most of my traffic from people like you asking questions about travel to Amsterdam (and hopefully finding answers to those questions!).

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What you can find on this Amsterdam travel blog...

Essentially, you can find nearly all the information you may need to plan a trip to Amsterdam, starting from choosing the best time to visit, through to figuring out where to stay and what to do.

I am constantly adding new content about what you can do in Amsterdam and the surrounding region (as well as in the rest of the Netherlands) so please do follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to read the newest posts on Amsterdam travel when they are published. Also, I have an Amsterdam Travel Guide board on Pinterest that you may like to follow, as well as this board sharing all the articles I've written on Amsterdam travel.

But hey, let's do a big juicy link dump of all the things I've already written and shared about Amsterdam. At my last count I have over 100 blog posts on Amsterdam, but of course some are more helpful than others so the ones listed below really are my best Amsterdam travel blog posts.

These posts will help you plan your Amsterdam trip (and each link opens in a new page) so get ready to start reading all about this fantastic city that still amazes and impresses me no matter how long I live here. 

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I'm going to update this page again soon with a few quick tips and my favourite things to do in Amsterdam, as well as adding all the latest Amsterdam travel blog posts as and when they're published, but really the most in-depth information about Amsterdam travel is already in the posts above! If you don't have time to read all the blogs now, then here are some images for you to pin the post and read it later. 

And if you have an Amsterdam travel question that isn't answered here, then contact me on FacebookTwitter or Instagram - I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can! Thanks! And happy Amsterdam travel planning!