Self-Love: 31 Affirmations for a New Year

Positive Affirmations for a New Year

Anytime of year is a great time to try out affirmation, but it's true that having some reliable, motivating and grounding positive affirmations for a new year is a great way to start a new journey around the Earth whether that's the 1st January, your birthday, or any flipping day of the year!

I spent a lot of time thinking about the power of letting go, the peace in just being, and the hope and energy that comes with setting new intentions with affirmations for a new year, and while yes, it's a powerful thing, it's also just as powerful when you do this at the beginning of a new day, or at any moment in time when you just need to check in with yourself and try and find some calm and comfort from within, while also stopping a flow of negative thoughts from overwhelming you.

That's ultimately where, when and how affirmation benefits me most and while you can read more about how and why affirmation works, and you can also get started with some great daily positive affirmations for anyone and everyone, it's important that I flag up how I came up with this specific set of affirmations.

Or Affirmations for Every Day of the Year?

Before we get stuck into this list of affirmations for the year, and specifically for every day of the first month of this year, I also wanted to let you know that this is all part of a little project I'm working on.

This year I am going to write and share with you a positive affirmation for every single day of the coming twelve months. I am going to deliver them to you in batches, each month, and you need to be signed up to my newsletter or supporting me on Ko-Fi to get your hands on them in advance.

If you sign up to the newsletter, you'll get the affirmations written in list format, and if you support me on Ko-Fi for as little as a one-off payment of $1, then you will get the affirmations in a list AND as separate JPEG files, with an image for each affirmation that you can print out, save as a screensaver for your phone or share on social media.

This batch of positive affirmations for a new year, are a mini introduction to the rest of the year's affirmations, and are also here for you always whenever you need them or are craving a little re-set or positive fresh start. Enjoy! 

The Best Positive Affirmations for a New Year

  1. I am exactly where I need to be as I begin this new year. 
  2. I acknowledge that last year taught me many things and I take these lessons learned with me into a new year.
  3. I leave what no longer serves me in the past.
  4. A new year is a new beginning, but so is every single breath I take. That is the greatest gift.
  5. I am grateful for this new year, as I am grateful for each new day.
  6. Resolutions do not need to be about changing myself. I am already a whole and wonderful person, just as I am.
  7. I take my time to set mindful and meaningful intentions for this new year.
  8. I set myself realistic and obtainable goals that progress the work I want to do and the growth I want to experience.
  9. I look inward to remind myself what I really want to do and how I want to spend my time this year.
  10. This year, I commit to leaving plenty of room for hope in my heart.
  11. I promise myself love, patience, and kindness for this coming year.
  12. I lean into the hopeful truth that nothing about this year is decided.
  13. As well as looking forward into the new year, I pause and reflect on how far I have already come and how well I did to get here.
  14. As I move into a new year, I remember that time is a gift, and time is my friend.
  15. This year, I choose to be led by my heart first, by my mind when it is calm, and by what brings me joy.
  16. I already have the strength, resilience, and compassion to face this year's highs and lows.
  17. I will prioritise my rest, my peace of mind, and my healing every single day this year.
  18. Day by day, I am ready to welcome a little more light into my life this month.
  19. Many people talk about how hard January can be, but I stay open to the possibility of it being a good month for me.
  20. This month, I remove unnecessary noise from my life so I can listen to what my soul is telling me.
  21. Life is for living; that is why I spend time, energy and love on nurturing what makes me feel alive.
  22. I can let things go, when I need to.
  23. Time spent on myself and my well-being is always time well spent.
  24. There is no such thing as "too late" when I am showing up for myself.
  25. My boundaries exist not only to protect myself, but to show my respect for others and to help nurture safe, loving relationships.
  26. Healing is not always linear, nor does it always feel good, but it is always worth it.
  27. I always, always, always deserve to experience joy.
  28. Hope comes in many forms, and sometimes it is as simple as taking my next breath.
  29. Love is limitless.
  30. I am strong enough to navigate life challenge's, and I am wise enough to be kind to myself as I do.
  31. There is no end destination on this self-love journey.

You can find February's positive affirmations here, and find each month's affirmations in blog posts here. And if you'd like to save or share this post, here are some images you can pin:

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