Self-Love: 30 Positive Affirmations for April

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring has truly sprung and so my mind naturally feels a little bit more positive thanks to more daylight and signs of growth popping up everywhere. I am also tentatively starting to think about summer and what those months will be... However, with all this comes a natural tendency to think a bit too far ahead rather than keep my mind in the here and now, which as many of you is kinda basic level mindfulness stuff!

But of course, positive affirmations don't have to be all about mindfulness, and that is definitely reflected in this month's collection of daily positive affirmations for April. We are focusing on the here and now, and we are also building hope for the future, but in ways that pull in the enjoyment of other things - our bodies, music, exercise, food, friends.

Daily Positive Affirmations for April

As always with these positive affirmations, the goal is always more about finding a small number that really speak to you rather than making every single one work for you. Yes, there is a new daily affirmation for every day of the month, but you don't have to see this list as one you need to work through chronologically. I would much rather you dip in and out of the list and write down or remember the ones that really move you or click somewhere inside. You can read more about how and why affirmations work here.

For more positive affirmations you can find January, February and March's lists of affirmations, and also you can find 100 daily positive affirmations here, lists of positive affirmations for depressionaffirmations for stress and anxiety100 healing affirmations, and why all writers should try affirmation. I also share near-daily affirmations on my Instagram pages: @asthebirdfliesblog@writenowcards.

If you'd like these affirmations in individual images you can download and print or share on social media, you can find them all as JPEG files that are free to download once you are a supported of my Ko-Fi page, which costs as little as just $1. Now, take a deep breath and dive into these positive affirmations for April. Enjoy!

  1. Change is not just part of life. Change is life. Life is change.
  2. Time is mine to hold, to fill and to treasure. Then it is also mine to let go.
  3. I give equal weight to working and resting.
  4. I learn as I do.
  5. I know my worth.
  6. Ease and easy are too different things. I am allowed to find and enjoy ease in life, even if that is not easy sometimes.
  7. I hold onto happy memories and learn from those that brought less joy.
  8. I have permission to just be.
  9. I focus more on releasing control than retaining it.
  10. I gift myself moments of nothing. Not doing anything, not thinking about anything, not being more than just my breath.
  11. I remind myself that music and dancing are two joys I need in my life.
  12. Resilience, patience and hope are not things I have to look for. They are already inside me.
  13. I am grateful for another chance to experience spring and summer again.
  14. I surround myself with people who bring me joy.
  15. I surround myself with things that make me smile.
  16. I use my body to release stress that builds up inside me.
  17. I love the body I have for no other reason than it is mine to love.
  18. I treasure time alone and the quiet and peace it brings me.
  19. I do not judge myself for getting distracted or procrastinating. There are many good reasons why my focus is sometimes fleeting.
  20. I take time to regularly assess my expectations for myself.
  21. I forgive myself when I need to.
  22. It is normal to feel different every single day.
  23. Whenever I need a moment of calm, I close my eyes, slow my breath and remind myself I am loved.
  24. I give my body the nutrients it needs to move me through this life.
  25. Negative thoughts will leave me quicker when I let them pass.
  26. When I resist pain or stress, in a way I am holding on to them. Instead I focus on letting them go.
  27. Control and perfection are illusions that I do not give my energy or time to.
  28. I look forward to sunny days outside, and rainy days inside.
  29. I am grateful to have a home I love.
  30. I cherish the friendships I have and how much love and joy they bring to my life.

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