In photos: Snowboarding in the Dolomites

I'm very lucky that not only do I get to go snowboarding at least once a year, but I also get to do this with NewMan. This year was even more special because a group of our friends were there too. We descended upon Colfosco, Alta Badia in the Italian Dolomites - an area I've never snowboarded in before - and found ourselves with a great range of ski areas to explore all linked up thanks to a famous cross mountain route called the Sella Ronda.
I really recommend this part of the world for skiing and snowboarding, not just for the access to multiple ski areas (there are connecting ski buses too) but also because the food is fantastic, the drink is affordable and it's a really fascinating part of the Italy where you'll hear three languages freely being spoken; Italian, German and the Ladin dialect, which occasionally sounds a bizarre mixture of the too but also is completely incomprehensible!
Despite a re-occuring toe injury (I always seem to kill bruise and kill the bed of my toenails when snowboarding - nice!) I loved this week for the good times with friends and the amazing views that being on top of a mountain gives you. Oh and for being able to drink prosecco in the snow.
Best of all the sun shone and shone and shone and blue skies kept us company virtually all week. Call me a fair weather snowboarder, but that's my favourite weather to whizz down a mountain under.
P.S. That Bombardin drink I'm posing with... easily the most revolting tasting drink I've ever tried. Let that be a warning to you!
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