Amsterdam Travel: Best Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam - Reviewed!

Once upon a time when we could (rightly or wrongly) travel far and wide without fear of spreading a deadly virus, I established myself as something of a luxury travel blogger. This even extended to luxury family travel once I started popping out children - ha, I hate how easy it sounds when you say it like that when in reality family travel, no matter how luxurious, is anything but easy! - and you can find all my luxury family travel tips here.

But what about luxury travel in Amsterdam? And specifically, what about luxury hotels in Amsterdam? Surely, as an Amsterdam resident (of nearly eight years and counting!) and luxury (family) traveller, I have some suggestions of the most luxurious hotels in Amsterdam? Well, yes, of course I do. In fact, better than that, I actually have some honest, in-depth reviews of these Amsterdam luxury hotels.

This is because I have made it my business (almost literally!) to try out some of Amsterdam's best luxury hotels over the years, yes, for research purposes, but also because I have long enjoyed an Amsterdam staycation while living here. In short, living in this city never feels boring or like something I take for granted and seeking out the most luxury Amsterdam hotels has been one of the ways I have really enjoyed making the most of living here.

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links for products, places and services I have personally tried and recommended. The links used are often those for the most affordable options available. Thank you for your support!

Amsterdam's Best Luxury Hotels - Reviewed by Me!

All of the Amsterdam luxury hotels listed below are hotels that I have stayed in so have first-hand experience of.  Some of them I stayed in alone, others just with my partner, and a few we stayed in as a family with a young child or two, and I will make the distinction in each review. One of the beauties of most luxury hotels is that they will happily and effectively accommodate all kinds of travellers. (And if you are travelling with children you may want to check out my Amsterdam with kids guide, or my post all about visiting Amsterdam with teenagers.)

The below hotels are the ones I would recommend to family and friends, and they are also the hotels that I believe truly define luxury accommodation in Amsterdam. The reason I say this and make a distinction is because luxury has become a term that many places will use, but it's not necessarily true that the universal experience they offer a traveller is truly luxurious.

It is my opinion that these hotels in Amsterdam do indeed offer a luxury experience. They are places where I felt pampered, extremely comfortable, well taken care of, and where I was treated with lots of kindness and respect. They are places where the customer service was consistently friendly, warm and excellent. The rooms were stylish, spacious and a welcome space to hide away in.

They are also places that come with the price tags you would expect of luxury accommodation, but I have considered the cost for each one as part of my hotel review and I will say whether each one was worth the price you pay. If you're looking for cheaper alternatives, here are my lists of best hotels in Amsterdam for any budget, and all the best city centre hotels in Amsterdam too.

If you're travelling to Amsterdam from afar and wish to do all the typical bucket list Amsterdam experiences, then you can also be rest assured that these luxury hotels are also in great locations and offer assistance for you to do all the things you want to do. And keeping this in mind, you may want to consider getting an Iamsterdam City Card ordered in advance and sent to your hotel so you can get going with that sight-seeing as soon as possible once you check in (You can read my full review of the I amsterdam City Card here). I am also confident that all of these hotels would be able to arrange this for you too.

So let's check out Amsterdam's best luxury hotels, shall we? 

The Best Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam

Quick note: Yes, these Amsterdam luxury hotel reviews are in some kind of order with my favourite at the top of the list, but again, I want to reiterate that this is a best of list and so all these luxury hotels in Amsterdam are WELL WORTH staying in. They really are the best of the best hotels in Amsterdam for all you luxury travellers out there. 

The Waldorf Astoria

I just adore this hotel. It's easily my favourite luxury hotel in Amsterdam, and for good reason too. The location of the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam is dreamily perfect on a quiet stretch of the Herengracht, close to Utrechtsestraat and some of Amsterdam's best attractions like FOAM and Tassenmuseum Amsterdam (Museum of Bags and Purses).

You're also very close to a tram stop on Utrechtsestraat which will help you get around the city easily by public transport, but you are so close to everything that if you wanted to walk everywhere that would be very doable. (For accessibility and mobility tips in Amsterdam, you can read my full accessibility guide to Amsterdam.)

The hotel is located in six canal mansion houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries so staying here is also a very special way to immerse yourself in Amsterdam's history too. The room we stayed in was spacious - they gave us a free upgrade, yay! - and we had a canal view which was very special. I strongly recommend signing up to Hilton Honors members program before booking your stay so you have a better chance of a free upgrade too.

The Waldorf Astoria is one of the few hotels in central Amsterdam that has a swimming pool, and I really am not overstating it when I say that their spa treatments are among the best in the city; we always go there for massages for my partner's birthday! On those visits we nearly always have lunch there and the food is always excellent, and we have had a few date nights in the fun bank-themed Vault cocktail bar.

Easily one of the other most amazing things about The Waldorf Astoria is the service; it is hands down the best customer service you will find in a hotel in Amsterdam and considering I've tried easily over twenty different hotels in Amsterdam over the years, I would like to say I know what I'm talking about! While the Waldorf Astoria is also one of the most expensive hotels in Amsterdam, I want to stress that you will get your money's worth when staying there.

Make a reservation directly on the website, or check out prices and more reviews on or TripAdvisor.

Sofitel Legend The Grand

My second favourite luxury hotel in Amsterdam is Sofitel Legend The Grand. We stayed there for a one night babymoon just before our second son was born and I maintain to this day that it was the last best night's sleep I ever had! Our friends even bought a new bed from the same company that makes the beds for Sofitel's Legend hotels so you can have a lot of confidence in the quality of the beds you will sleep in at Sofitel Legend The Grand.

The hotel is in possibly the best location of any of these luxury Amsterdam hotels as it's found in a quaint 15th century courtyard that once belonged to a convent, located on the edge of the Red Light District. This means you're staying in the most central and most historic part of Amsterdam, and yet thanks to its off-road location it's also a very quiet part of town, which combined is quite something.

Again, service is simply excellent, and we can also vouch for this from when we went to The Grand for Christmas Day with all of my family visiting from the UK. We were treated and fed like royalty, and it was easily one of our best Christmas' in years... and I say this as someone who was sorely sleep-deprived and had a 5-week-old baby at the time. 

Book direct on the Accor hotels website, or compare prices and reviews on TripAdvisor or on

Intercontinental Amstel Hotelintern

One of the most popular Amsterdam hotels with celebrities and famous people, the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel was one I had been very keen to try out for years before we did. That's because it is one of the most impressive and regal buildings in the city - a mansion overlooking the River Amstel - and if you ever do a canal tour of Amsterdam you are almost certain to see it and notice it.

My wish came true a few years ago when we stayed there one night with our eldest son when he was two years old. The plan was for just my partner and I to stay there but our son had a horrible cold and we didn't want to inflict that on our babysitter. In the end, it happened to be a happy change in our situation as the hotel were quick to accommodate him and our room was huge so easily big enough for us all.

Inside the hotel is just as grand as it looks from the outside, but I will say while this is impressive, it is a certain taste, which is not really mine as I prefer more modern styles and cleaner decor. But it was still a super luxurious and elegant place to stay and the ceiling height in every room just made it feel like you were walking around a palace. We had a lovely meal in the bar restaurant and on another occasion my partner and I enjoyed afternoon tea at the Amstel at a beautiful table right by the water front. All in all, a VERY special Amsterdam experience.

Book directly via the Intercontinental Group website, or compare prices and reviews on and TripAdvisor.

Hotel Ambassade

Hotel Ambassade was one of the first luxury hotels in Amsterdam we stayed in as a couple around four years ago and it really did set the bar quite high. We enjoyed a special one night dinner & room deal for my partner's birthday back when our eldest was around 18 months old, and it was the first time we'd been away from him.

To say I was a little anxious about this was a bit of an understatement, but it's also true thanks to a cosy bedroom in the eaves of one of the connect canal mansions and a delicious dinner with the best view possible, I also had a really relaxing and special stay at Hotel Ambassade.

I would describe the hotel's style and feel as intimate and cost, and more like a "boutique hotel" rather than big, 5-star luxury, although it's not a small hotel just has more of a cosy and independent feel to it, and indeed, I believe it's one of the few on this list that is privately-owned.

The hotel's corridors are maze-like in how they interconnect across the townhouses that have been knocked through to create the hotel, and the French-cuisine of the Brasserie restaurant really did feel like we were in another city or on a little adventure, until we looked out the window at dinner and saw the tourist boats sailing by and a row of more grand canal houses on the opposite side of the water. So yes, the location of this cute hotel is excellent!

One thing I didn't know until just checking out of Hotel Ambassade is that it's the hotel of choice for many literary figures and industry representatives and there's a small lobby seating area which is more like a library and many of the books on the shelves have been personally donated and signed by countless famous authors who have stayed there. That is a big plus point for this bibliophile!

Book directly on Hotel Ambassade's website, or find competitive prices and more real traveller reviews on TripAdvisor or

Hotel Okura

From small and cosy to big and err.... brassy!? Hotel Okura is one of the larger hotels on this list of Amsterdam's most luxurious hotels and yet it's still in a great location in the De Pijp neighbourhood. And brassy, well, yes, when it originally opened Hotel Okura's interior decor could rival that of Trump Towers, which means it has not aged super well in many ways. But the good news is that the hotel has been updating rooms and when we stayed there nearly two years ago we found it bright and airy and not too much gold finishes at all!

We stayed one night in a family suite up on one of the top floors, and yes, we were there with the whole family (our two kids) and there was so much space in our room that I almost forgot my kids were there once they fell asleep.

We also loved that there is a big swimming pool at this hotel and we spent quite a bit of time down there with the boys. Our suite also got us access to the business lounge where there were free drinks and snacks and amazing views across the south of Amsterdam and beyond. We went with kids just before dinner and no-one seemed fussed we had two small children with us in there.

Hotel Okura is best known to most Amsterdammers for its Michelin-star restaurant which we have eaten at (back before we had kids) and it is indeed the most authentic Japanese experience you can hope to find in Amsterdam. And yes, the hotel brand is Japanese so you can also expect nearly all of Amsterdam's Japanese business visitors to be staying there so there is also a business-traveller air to the hotel's style and operation.

We also noticed there was at least one if not two groups of cruise ship travellers staying at Okura and I have heard that this is quite common, so if you don't really like being surrounded by big groups of travellers (who may or may not all descend on the breakfast buffet at once!) then keep this in mind or ask them about this when you make a booking.

Book your stay on Hotel Okura's website, or find more review and competitive prices on TripAdvisor, or on

Hotel Jakarta

I think strictly-speaking, the next two luxury hotels on this list are four-star hotels, but I want to include them because they deliver so well on the main things I expect and enjoy from a five-star hotel, namely excellent service, and exceptional comfort. That said, the main reason I wanted to stay at Hotel Jakarta was that it prides itself as being the most sustainable hotel in Amsterdam and one of Europe's only energy-neutral hotels.

Hotel Jakarta was a place I'd long wanted to check out since becoming a bit obsessed (okay, very obsessed) with houseplants last year. It has an indoor tropical jungle and several beautiful plant installations throughout the common areas. Our visit late last summer for a little Amsterdam staycation did not disappoint, especially as we stayed in one of their WOW Suites which had a corner view of the IJ water surrounding Amsterdam Centraal Station. 

Other plus points for Hotel Jakarta include a decent-sized swimming pool, and an Indonesian restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely dinner. The location is one that some people may not think as good at first glance, because it's out to the East of the city on Java Island in the Zeeburg area of Amsterdam, which is one of the newer and less explored QO Amsterdam neighbourhoods, but I really think if you've been to Amsterdam before and want something a little bit different, it's a great new part of the city to explore. And you can easily get to the centre of the city in under 15 minutes by bike or by bus, and walking actually wouldn't even take much more than 30 minutes.

Make a reservation and find out more on Hotel Jakarta's website, or compare rates and more reviews on TripAdvisor and on

QO Hotel

There are a lot of similarities between QO Hotel and Hotel Jakarta. They are both out-of-town hotels that are big and stylish, and they have lots of greenery and respectable eco-credentials. QO Hotel is located to the Southeast of Amsterdam in another new neighbourhood called Amstelkwartier, referring to its close proximity to the River Amstel. A tall, tower block of a hotel, QO was purpose built with the environment in mind, using many sustainable construction methods and recycled materials too.

This ethos now extends into how the hotel is run, and yes, lots of beautiful tropical houseplants can be found all over the hotel's public areas which include a ground floor bar and restaurant, and a penthouse bar and restaurant too. There is also a rooftop greenhouse which provides food for the penthouse restaurant which is one of the most applauded almost raw food restaurants. I say almost because the deal is that food is cooked but only with 45 degree (centigrade) heat. Whether this is something that piques your curiosity or not, you need to head up there for a drink at least once to check out the views from up there.

But back to the hotel and why even with all these eco-friendly efforts, QO Hotel is still in my list of top luxury hotels in Amsterdam. When I stayed there it was for a much-needed solo 24 hours by myself. It was coming up to 14 months after my second son had been born and I was in desperate need for a good night's sleep, which I gratefully got in a room that included a bath that I soaked in no fewer than three times during my stay!

The bed was very comfortable and everything in the room was controlled by an iPad including my room service order. Also I really enjoyed breakfast as it had lots of healthy but filling and tasty options! The staff at this hotel are also more what you expect and enjoy from a five-star hotel that's also why QO Hotel is in this list. In short, I am still daydreaming about my stay more than a year later and cannot wait to return one night soon.

Make a direct reservation via the IHG group website or compare prices and reviews on TripAdvisor.

Hotel Conservatorium

I'm adding this one at the end of this list not because it wasn't good - it was! - but because we didn't fully feel like we got value for money (as the hotel has a steep price tag) and also because our experience of the customer service and the staff wasn't in line with this either. 

We stayed at Hotel Conservatorium with our eldest son for my birthday a few years ago. We got a suite for the night, which had two levels and on one side floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the lobby and restaurant area of the hotel, which is a 19th century building that the hotel lovingly restored in 2008. This is quite some view and we really enjoyed that privilege however, the awkward shape of the room like this wasn't super cosy or comfortable. 

Another criticism is  that the customer service wasn't as forth-coming or warm as that we experienced in the other 5-star Amsterdam hotels reviewed here. 

Make a booking via their website or find more photos and reviews, and possibly better rates on TripAdvisor or

Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

I almost didn't include this hotel because I pretty much forgot that I stayed here, which doesn't really explain very well why I've added it to a list of Amsterdam's most luxurious hotels. So let me explain. Again I think Hotel Krasnapolsky is listed as a 4-star hotel, so it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles you would expect from a 5-star hotel, however, I do remember that my experience was very positive, but for one thing. 

The decor in the room was very, very, VERY dated. Like so dated I felt like I was walking into a set from Mad Men. The room was very brown, had a in-built radio on a wall panel near the bed, and there was also a fixed iron press against one wall. The bathroom wasn't any more up to date and I recall things not really working, and the room being quite dark. I was staying there for a work trip actually, so as it happened I wasn't in the room for very long -only to sleep. This also confirms how good the hotel's location is on Dam Square, close to everything and walking distance to most of Amsterdam's most popular attractions.

The reason I have now added Hotel Krasnapolsky to this list is because it has recently been completely refurbished and the rooms look very different now; modern, light, and with no radios in the wall panels! But also, even from when I stayed there over five years ago, I remember the hotel had one redeeming feature - the breakfast room or rather the dining hall. Wow. What a special space this is. A vast atrium style space with glass ceilings, it reminded me of a Victorian conservatory with its abundance of natural light, and chess board black and white squares on the floor. Truly grand and very memorable.

Look up rates via their website directly, or compare prices and reviews on or TripAdvisor.

Other Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam Worth Checking Out (or INTO!)

It both pains and excites me to admit that I haven't actually stayed at ALL the luxury hotels in Amsterdam, so if none of the above scratch the itch for you, let me add a few more luxury hotels and some highly recommended luxury boutique hotels in Amsterdam that you may like to try. You could call it a list of the luxury and five-star hotels in Amsterdam that I hope to stay in over the years to come. Only to review it and add it to the above list on this post, of course!

Breitner House - It's true that some of the most luxurious hotels in Amsterdam are those that even I - a local travel writer and blogger - haven't heard about and it would seem Breitner House is one of those. Located on the outskirts of Oosterpark (not far from where I live, no less!) this hotel is a guest house that seems to offer pure luxury with a very personal touch. One to remember for our next romantic getaway in the city!

(Photo via Breitner House website)

Hotel TwentySeven - This hotel also is one that not many people know about and this kind of elite reputation will always pique my curiosity. The location on Dam Square cannot be argued with if you're looking for a city centre hotel, and by all accounts and TripAdvisor, this is luxury accommodation, including self-catering studios, that you don't want to miss out on. One small note, the interior decor and style is a lot more 1990s Bling than it is modern minimalism - in other words, do not book if you don't like animal prints or GOLD!

(Photo via Hotel TwentySeven website.)

Hotel Pullitzer - If you want to stay in one of the most famous hotels in Amsterdam, thanks to its appearance on Ocean's Twelve, and you want to be in the centre of one of Amsterdam's most pretty neighbourhoods (and best for shops, coffee and restaurants), the Jordaan neighbourhood, then Hotel Pullitzer is one to go for.

Again it's a hotel made out of neighbouring canal houses that have all been knocked through and connected so it can feel a bit like a rabbit's burrow (according to one friend who stayed there) but this makes for a cosy stay and the hotel has come highly recommended by those I know who have checked in there.

(Photo via Hotel Pullitzer website.)

The Hoxton - One of my favourite hotels to go to for dinner or a drink in the bar, The Hoxton is a great place to experience 5-star service with an affordable price tag. I think strictly speaking the hotel is 4-star but the service is among the best I've experienced in Amsterdam, and the decor, location and room options (there's everything from single rooms to suites) makes it a worthy addition to anyone's shortlist of Amsterdam accommodation, AND it's a hotel I hope to check in myself one day soon!

Also, it has a fab location close to the Jordaan and Nine Streets neighbourhoods on Herengracht, one of the main ring canals so yes, another canal mansion hotel for this list.

W Amsterdam - Having had a wonderful stay at W Barcelona back when it opened (and you can find my review and other fabulous hotels in Barcelona here), when W Amsterdam opened a few years ago, I was VERY keen to check it out. As it happens, I haven't yet checked in, but I did enjoy an afternoon tea there with my partner (and 3 month old baby) two years ago.

W is a luxury hotel brand that promises luxury and style and a lot of elegance so while I am sure they would accommodate children happily (and should for the price they charge!) it could be one to go for if it's just adults heading to Amsterdam.

The Dylan Amsterdam - Once upon a time I was quite the fan of a boutique hotel and I would actively seek them out in new cities over large multinational hotel brands, but since having children I find they're not quite the ticket for young families. That could also be why The Dylan is one of the 5-star hotels in Amsterdam that I really want to stay in because it offers all the luxury and comfort of a hotel but with the character and cosy-ness of a boutique hotel.

(Photo via The Dylan website.)

The Pavilions Amsterdam, The Toren Hotel - From what I understand, The Pavilions Amsterdam and The Toren is a boutique hotel that is very similar in ilk and style as The Dylan. So yes, it's on my list for a nice little romantic staycation in Amsterdam one day.

The two canal mansions that house these hotels are also in one of my favourite corners of the centre of Amsterdam, close to Jordaan, the Red Light District and Centraal Station but in a neighbourhood that isn't often explored by tourists and it stays relatively quiet, which is exactly what you want to enjoy those beautiful canal scenes and a stroll around nearby Brouwersgracht, one of my favourite canals in Amsterdam.

Photo from The Pavilions Amsterdam website.)

Banks Mansion - This hotel is not one that I wanted to stay in until I heard from a traveller how good it was and I then saw how cool the interior is. The reason I didn't particularly want to stay in the Banks Mansion hotel was because it is on the corner of quite a busy road with trams running up and down it too. However, it does have to be said that it's location on the corner of Herengracht and Vijzelstraat also makes it VERY central and from here you will be able to walk nearly everywhere.

But it's a testament to the power of a good review that changed my mind as I was reassured a very comfortable and quiet stay was had at Banks Mansion AND there was this cool art nouveau/art deco interior to enjoy and apparently a free mini bar too!

Kimpton De Witt - Described as a central hideaway, the Kimpton De Witt aims to merge boutique hotel intimacy and comfort with the slickness and style of a 5-star design hotel and by all accounts it manages to do just that. I also can't fault the location in the heart of the Red Light District, but not on one of the streets that gets the most foot (or other!) traffic by night or even day.

The more I hear about this hotel, the more I want to stay there, so please can you all go and book a stay there and then tell me how amazing it is!

And there's my round-up and reviews of the best luxury hotels in Amsterdam. As and when I discover and enjoy more, I will add them to this list. Remember I have some more lists of Amsterdam hotels reviewed in this post all about the best hotels in Amsterdam for all budgets and tastes, and this list of the best city centre hotels in Amsterdam.

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