Solo Luxury Travel: Best Caribbean Islands for Solo Travellers

Maybe it's the current climate, or maybe it's the fact I'm the mother to young children, but nothing sounds better to me right now than some solo luxury travel. The idea of disappearing to the Caribbean for some luxury travel ALL ON MY OWN, phew, yes, please! Unfortunately that's not on the cards anytime soon for me, or for many of us, but that doesn't stop us indulging our wanderlust and maybe thinking about where we want to go most in the world. 

If this is the Caribbean, and if you are a solo traveller, this guest post by Christine from Exploring Caribbean, all about the best Caribbean islands for solo travellers and other tips for solo Caribbean travel, is one to read and bookmark. I've never actually been to the Caribbean, yet, but I really do hope to one day and maybe, just maybe, I will make that journey as a solo traveller!

As with any travel to the Caribbean, it's important to make a small note about the history of the region and specifically the role of colonialism and imperialism in shaping its path to the modern day. I say this so that you can be mindful about how you spend your money in the Caribbean - perhaps choosing to stay in locally-owned resorts, guest houses or hotels, rather than giant hotel chains owned elsewhere.

I would also encourage you to research the history of whichever Caribbean destination you choose, so that you can understand the impact of colonialism and slavery there, and maybe think about what you can do and how you can travel there with the most positive impact on the local people, culture, traditions, and economy.

Now, time to hand you over to Christine!

The Best Caribbean Islands for Solo Travellers

The Caribbean is often associated with a honeymoon trip with a partner and cruises with family and friends. But time has changed and a Caribbean getaway is now even more common among solo travelers.

Safety can sometimes be a concern, especially for women travelling alone and in recent years, events in some countries in the Caribbean have led some people to believe that it is not safe to travel solo in the Caribbean. However, this is more a sign of poor, biased media and reporting, and it's important to remember that crimes occur all over the world, all the time, even in the "so-called" safest countries in the world.

As someone who had been to over 50 countries solo, and for someone who used to live in the Caribbean, I can say that generally speaking, the region is very safe. But as a rule of thumb, even when embarking on some solo luxury travel always bring your common sense with you.

That said, it's true that in this list of the best Caribbean islands for solo travellers, I am taking safety into consideration, especially for female, non-binary and queer travellers. But there is so much more to what I think makes a Caribbean country a fantastic and worthy destination for some luxury solo travel. 

The Caribbean countries on this list are also good for meeting other people to socialize with, have beautiful natural beauty to explore and enjoy, they have plenty of fun activities for single or solo travelers, and there are ample options for singles or adults-only accommodation. They are also Caribbean islands that are easily accessible, have great infrastructure and reliability for solo travel, and because we are talking about the Caribbean - they also have the all essential amazing beaches too!

So if you prefer to travel solo and looking for a safe and fun Caribbean destination to travel to, here’s my list of the best countries in the Caribbean for solo travelers.

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1.Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has something of a reputation as a tax haven for the world’s elite, but it is also a very safe and interesting country for solo travelers. Yes, the Cayman Islands enjoy a relatively low crime rate but they also have much in the form of natural beauty, including endless white-sand beaches, amazing rock formations and caves, and plenty of opportunities for scuba diving and other water sports.

There are countless luxury resorts that are ideal for singles or solo travellers, but this is also an island that doesn't only cater to luxury solo travel - backpackers can find many options and affordable hotels too.

And if it's what you're looking for, the capital George Town has an active nightlife with nightclubs and nice bars serving award-winning cocktails, and serves as a launch pad for many of the region's best diving spots.

These are the places I think you should visit if you fancy a solo trip to Cayman Islands.

  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Starfish Point
  • Cayman Crystal Caves
  • Devil’s Grotto, Eden’s Rock, and Bloody Bay Marine Park for divers
  • Camana Bay
  • Hell in Grand Cayman

2.Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is one of the most enchanting Caribbean destinations and is popular with families, couples and solo travellers alike. It has a variety of picture-perfect landscapes, those dreamy white-sand beaches you go to the Caribbean for, marine and wildlife you don't see just anywhere and lots of history to absorb too.

There are also plenty of singles- or adults-only resorts to choose from making it a great choice for both luxury solo travel or for those sticking to a budget. It's also not one of the busiest Caribbean countries in terms of visitor numbers so you should think about heading to Turks & Caicos if you want to avoid crowds.

Places to visit:

  • Providenciales for Grace Bay and Smith's Reef
  • Her Majesty's Prison - a historical and the only prison on the island
  • South Caicos for diving and less crowded beaches
  • Flamingo Pond

3. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is often regarded as the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. A lot of people think that St. Lucia is more of a honeymooners’ place and an expensive place to travel but you can also do it on a budget and more and more solo travellers are going to this memorable Caribbean island nation these days.

A popular stop for cruise ships, the island is also the ideal getaway for beach-combers, nature lovers, and adventurous solo travelers, as there are lots of mountain treks, jungle walks, and yes, again lots of water sports to enjoy. From a walk along with quaint villages to a trek up rugged mountains giving you spectacular views, St. Lucia really does have something for everyone.

You can also expect those classically-Caribbean stunning beaches, and if you want to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of St Lucia, many quaint villages with markets and history to explore.

Places I recommend you visit in St Lucia:

  • Anse Chastanet Marine National Park
  • Marigot Bay
  • The Piton Mountains
  • Tet Paul Nature Trail
  • The Soufrière village
  • Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, Waterfall & Mineral Bath
  • Rodney Bay
  • Pigeon Island National Park

4. Aruba

Known for its pristine beaches, stunning desert landscapes, and among the best wreck diving sites in the Caribbean, Aruba gives off an impression that it can only be enjoyed by those who are on their expensive honeymoon or a luxury family holiday of a lifetime. However, this country located north of Venezuela is also a haven for solo and budget travellers.

With its year-long fine weather, the picturesque-capital of Oranjestad, the easily accessible beaches in the north, and the rough and dramatic vistas of the east coast, you will never run out of things to do and places to explore on the island of Aruba, even if you only have your camera with you for a companion, and all you want to do is go and see the famous Flamingo Beach.

Aruba is possibly best for a relaxing but beautiful solo trip, thanks to its pristine beaches and stunning desert landscapes, but you can still get some thrills if you go diving there, which is also one of the best ways to meet other solo travellers in the Caribbean.

The places I recommend you visit on Aruba include:

  • Fort Zoutman
  • The Parliament Building
  • National Archaeological Museum in the island’s capital, Oranjestad.
  • Public beaches such as Renaissance Beach and Surfside Beach.
  • Beyond the beach, Aruba’s natural wonders such as the Arashi dunes and conical Hooiberg peak.

5. Curaçao

Situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, like Aruba, Curaçao is a Dutch territory. It is also an excellent place to visit and explore for solo travellers in the Caribbean. Explore the colourful capital Willemstad, and then relax on one of the island's paradise beaches where you can swim in sparkling clear waters. Or dive in deeper - pun intended - and experience its rich marine life by diving or snorkelling. The weather is consistently warm and sunny in Curacao, perfect for lounging at the beach or walking around town.

Apart from its idyllic beaches, Curaçao is also known for the distinct European-vibe of some of its attractions, like the colorful buildings that will remind you of Amsterdam, and a selection of interesting museums in its charming capital. It's a popular choice with Dutch travellers - for obvious reasons - but you can expect to meet other solo or single travellers on Curaçao and also enjoy a full range of accommodation from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels and even hostels. 

Make sure you check out the following places on Curaçao:

  • The island’s capital Willemstad features Dutch colonial architecture and the museums, shops, and cafes in the historic areas Punda and Pietermaai
  • Museum Kura Hulanda’s art and sculpture garden.
  • Christoffel National Park
  • Mount Christoffel
  • Shete Boka National Park
  • Public beaches like Mambo and Grote Knip

6. Grenada

Grenada is located in the far south of the Caribbean, so is often overlooked for those countries more north, but it is still very easy to travel through a direct flight from North America or other destinations around the world. However, if you're looking for a relaxing solo holiday in the Caribbean and don't like crowded beaches or resorts, Grenada is the best Caribbean island on this list for you.

The island is known for its stunning scenery that hardly ever gets crowded with tourists; the smell of fragrant spices like cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla, as well as the volcanic soil can be detected on island tours or your own explorations, and explain why it's called the Spice Island. Grenada really is the perfect destination for solo travellers who also consider themselves foodies, and you can't go without doing a chocolate tour.

Both unique and authentic, Grenada is the perfect getaway for those who are traveling solo and would like to go off-the-beaten-path in the Caribbean and I recommend you go seek out the following places:

  • Beaches like the popular Grand Anse, and the more secluded La Sagesse Beach,
  • The unique Hog Island
  • The pretty harbor and colorful streets of George’s, Grenada’s capital.
  • The French-built Fort George
  • Market Square for local crafts, fruit, and spices.
  • The 300-year-old Belmont Estate’s 400-acre grounds

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