In photos: Behind the Waterfall, Seljalandsfoss

I was cold, I was hungry, I was sleep-deprived. I also feared that I was starting to get sick. An aching lump of undesirable had lodged itself in my throat and threatened to kick into full body consumption at any moment. We had been on the go for nearly twelve hours and the undesirable was beginning to scratch away at my sense of humour.

"We're just going to stop at this waterfall," Viking Jon, our tour guide said, turning the car off our road home.

I sighed. I couldn't help it. Yes, I was surrounded by the most beautiful sights in one of the most astounding countries I've ever visited. And yes, I was experiencing all of this for free. But I was tired, hungry and a shadow of my usual "embrace the good, the bad and the ugly" self. I didn't even want to embrace the good; I just wanted my bed. Or did I? I already knew this was something special before I'd coughed my way to the feet of Seljalandsfoss, one of the many dramatic waterfalls that spill over the side of the infamous volcano  Eyjafjallajökull's base. And this is the one that you can walk behind.

Its impressive thunder, its shimmering flow which catches Iceland's forever summer sunlight, its spray - wild and free - that escapes and drifts away sideways.

"You may get a bit wet," Viking Jon said in his ever-chirpy way as we tumbled out of the car, four travel nuts noticing a special opportunity and feeling its magnetic pull.

I was cold, I was hungry and I was sleep-deprived. And now I was about to get wet too. But I suddenly didn't care. Three days later when I touched down at Gatwick Airport, my cold erupted and I didn't stop sneezing for two days. 

But I didn't care. Walking behind the waterfall of Seljalandsfoss is part of the "volcano-hopping" experience I enjoyed recently in Iceland - it's the same experience you can now win. Find out how here

P.S. In case you're interested and it's useful, all of these photos were taken with the camera on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) using Camera MX. I edit a lot on my phone using Photoshop Express (which is free!) and I use Photoshop (which is sadly not free) to edit on my computer.

Frances M. Thompson

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