Morocco Travel: A Luxury AirBnb in Marrakech

"Shall we go back to Morocco?"

That's the question we ask each other on the gloomy days here in Brighton. We're tempted. Always. Maybe you'll understand why after you read this.

Here is a short and sweet review of a holiday villa that became our home near Marrakech in Morocco, a place we didn't really explore much but that was our choice. If you did want to go on a little adventure, you could check out this expedition to the Sahara Desert. What's it all about? Luck was lurking on my shoulder when we found this place on Airbnb and proceeded to make a last minute booking for a five week stay during February and March this year. There were two (huge) bedrooms, acres of garden and olive groves, a vast roof terrace with a view of the Atlas Mountains and a swimming pool whose tempting blue didn't let on how shockingly cold her water was.  There was also a large open plan reception room with multiple soft, pillowed corners to lounge around in and a set of double doors leading you out to the patio.

We set up office in a separate room that had a long dining table and floor to ceiling glass doors on either side meaning light flooded in from all angles all day.  A well equipped kitchen (and a housekeeper who insisted on cooking evening meals for us - we didn't argue) opened out on to the "blue patio" and with two luxury ensuite bathrooms attached to the bedrooms it fast became a place you'd struggle to find fault with, particularly as its decor was impeccable throughout; a wonderful mix of bright white walls, traditional Moroccan detail and warm colour combinations. What's so good about it? If the photos and my previous post about this place don't answer this then I don't know what else I can say other than the villa's location, around 15km away from the centre of Marrakech, allows for some very restful peace and quiet and a guaranteed relaxing break from it all. Who, me? It's hard to think who wouldn't be happy here. Because it was built and is used and still much-loved as a French family's summer home, it's also very well-equipped for families and children.

Alternatively, you could easily spend time here in a couple or group of friends as the garden is asking for long evenings outside putting the world to rights.  There are, however, two things to take into consideration if you're keen on sharing our little Moroccan secret. 
Firstly, its location is somewhat away from it all down a maze of dirt tracks that are more pot holes than anything else; in order to get to the supermarket and see Marrakech or explore beyond, hiring a car is a must though the owners can help arrange this at a very affordable price. 
The second thing, well, is three things: Leon, Bloom and Tosca.  These three animals will absorb as much love as you can give, in their own strange ways (read more about Leon and Bloom here). And there's also a gang of chickens, a number of other wild cats - who are laughably petrified of humans - and a beautiful collection of doves, but all of these animals are fed and watered by the onsite property manager, who is polite, helpful and the owner of one of the most genuine smiles in Morocco. 

And if you wanted to explore the city more, here's a great post about going on a food tour of Marrakech.

Find out more and make enquiries with the always helpful and welcoming Karine via Airbnb. And if you use Airbnb via this link you'll also receive some credit towards your first stay!

Frances M. Thompson

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