Travel: Street Art in Montreal

As I explored Montreal's neighbourhoods and I loved seeing throughout Montreal's neighbourhoods. Though beautiful and interesting and eclectic - all the things I love about cities - I found it more difficult than I anticipated to "fall" for Montreal's charms. I suspect this may have had something to do with windy and drizzly weather thrown at us on our first and second days in the city, but through the rain something kept popping up out of nowhere and held my attention. It was examples of street art scattered all over this city that is loved by so many and as soon as the sun shone, I went exploring...

Street art in Montreal

I did other things in addition to hunting street art in Montreal, but this was possibly the thing I enjoyed most. And here's a great post if you're looking for more things to do in Montreal. Now back to the street art!
P.S. You can find more about many of these murals on my good friend Bianca's blog. She does know her stuff when it comes to street art so check out her other posts on the topic too. 

P.P.S. If you know more about these works of art than I do then please do share your knowledge with us in the comments. 

Frances M. Thompson

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