Thailand Travel: Review of Point Yamu by COMO in Phuket, Thailand

Once upon a time there was an incredibly lucky and privileged and fortunate young woman who travelled around the world and stayed in more than a few fabulous luxurious resorts.

Then she had a baby.

And she thought that her days (and nights) of luxury were over, at least if the child had to come with her, which was usually the case.

That was until she found herself checking in to Point Yamu by COMO in Phuket.

This resort changed everything. And that's why I'm writing a review of COMO Point Yamu so I can share with you this joy should you find yourself looking for a stylish, luxury AND family-friendly resort for your next holiday.

Review of Point Yamu by COMO

We stayed at Point Yamu for a week on our way back from Sydney and while I was sceptical about many things, not least staying on the "wrong side of the island" which meant bad beaches and no stunning sunsets, I was mostly wary about the resort's promise of style, luxury and a very family-friendly environment.

I needn't have worried. I don't know how they do it but COMO provided the most excellent children's facilities from a kid's club that looked like a toystore meets brand new kindergarten to providing baby and toddler foods for FREE, and still had all the style and luxury of an adults only 5-star resort.

I could go on and on about all the other wins - the free beach club on a deserted island, the free daily (!!!) washing service included in our package and the way ALL the staff we met would quite happily have looked after Baby Bird at a drop of the hat, but instead I'll share my photos with you and leave you with this one sentiment.


(Also, and on a completely different note, I honestly thought that Baby Bird was about the same size and shape and podginess as he was when we were in Thailand back in March, but editing and sharing these photos really proves to me just how much he has changed and how he is looking less like a baby every single day. This makes my heart and head ache... but both also kick back at this because they want to see him grow more and more and more... I've just got to grab the podgy cuddles while I still can.)

Please note that my best friend is not included in the package. She was an exclusive extra for me because I celebrated my birthday at Point Yamu. Yay for getting old and massages.

Oh yeah. I REALLY want to go back. Thank you Point Yamu by COMO.

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