52 Books in 2014: May's Books

I knew this month would come, but I didn't expect it to be May, a month that saw very little travel and not much of a social life.

Because there was work.  Too much work.

I'm pretty determined not to make the same mistake in June, if only because I really missed not reading as much. The photo above of two stacks of books represents my "To Read" and my "Read" piles and I hope to make the currently shorter pile much taller before the year is out.

Reading is good for me in more ways than I can explain. Which is possibly why I need to read more.

So, three books in May. One novel, one novella and one non-fiction book about the London Underground.

Hover over the dots to read extracts of my reviews or read the in full over on Goodreads .
1.  The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared  by Jonas Jonasson
2.  The Uncommon Reader  by Alan Bennett
3.   Underground, Overground: A Passenger's History of the Tube  by Andrew Martin

P.S. If you're a French speaker who reads in English, here's  a review of Shy Feet in French . I just love the translation of  the title "Des Pieds Timides". One day I hope to have the book translated... one day... In the meantime, get the ebook for less than £3.00/$5.00 here .

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