In Photos: Museumplein on a Sunny Day

When we moved house a few months ago we moved quite a bit closer to Museumplein, or Museum Square. It's not an area you naturally choose to go to when you live in Amsterdam (because TOURISTS!) but we've ended up visiting Museumplein a lot more than I expected because of its proximity and the open green space it offers for Baby Bird to run around in. There's also a lot to see and do (for free!) and it's a great place to meet up with friends.

I've also found myself going there even without Baby Bird. I've long loved the calm and prettiness of the Rijksmuseum garden, and it's always hilarious/heart-stopping to watch tourists climb up the Iamsterdam sign letters. And then there's cycling through the Rijksmuseum, something I'll never not think is awesome. Funnily enough Museum Square is also home to some very good museums - I know, who would have thought it?. Although I haven't been to all of them (which is possibly a crime when you've lived in Amsterdam for four years!) I highly recommend the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk, and I'll add the Van Gogh and the recent addition, Moco, to my To Do list.
I took these photos during a hot and sunny afternoon when I was on my way to collect Baby Bird from daycare. Unusually, I had my camera with me and as I saw tourists dipping their feet in the pool of water in front of the Rijks, and a man blowing bubbles for children, the people-watching got the better of me and I got snap happy.
It struck me that if you're visiting Amsterdam you can do a lot worse than taking a break in Museum Square before or after a few hours in a museum, or even if you don't do a museum there are much worse things that you can do then just watch the world go by, or watch some tourists risk breaking their necks by climbing on top of the Iamsterdam sign... or if you're feeling brave enough go be those tourists yourself!

Frances M. Thompson

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