My Thoughts: Signs of a Good Holiday

What makes a good holiday? I don't know about you but for me it's...


Sore cheeks from smiling.

Picking up a pen and not knowing quite how to use it because it's been so long...

A view you can never get enough of.
Drinking concoctions of unnatural colours.

Eating too sweet, too rich, too much food.

Diving into the weightlessness of water.

Forgetting what day of the week it is.

And getting the date completely wrong.

Being there, somewhere, to watch the sun rise and see it fall again.
Forgetting the password to my email.

...and the pin code for my bank card.

Reading one whole book in a day.

Spending more than an hour staring at the sea and trying to spot the place where it blurs into the sky.

The golden glow of a sun tan, which magically hides those extra pounds I've put on.

The smell of sun cream everywhere.

Realising I've not brushed my hair in two, maybe three days.

Finding sand nestled stubbornly between the valleys between my toes... four days after we went to the beach.

Not needing to charge my phone every day.

Being barefoot all day.

When you finally feel all caught up with an old friend called Sleep.

The tightness of sun-kissed skin.

Realising how good you've got it to the point where it aches a bit... in the sweetest way.

Sensing a new energy building up inside and a million ideas suddenly want to burst free.

When you feel like you could stay on holiday forever, but really you want to get back to work, because you finally feel very ready to do so... after one more jump in the pool!

Frances M. Thompson

Londoner turned wanderer, Frankie is an author, freelance writer and blogger. Currently based in Amsterdam, Frankie was nomadic for two years before starting a family with her Australian partner. Frankie is the author of three short story collections, and is a freelance writer for travel and creative brands. In 2017, she launched WriteNOW Cards, affirmation cards for writers that help build a productive and positive writing practice. When not writing contemporary fiction, Frankie shops for vintage clothes, dances to 70s disco music and chases her two young sons around Amsterdam.
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