Family Travel: Babymoon Ideas & Tips for Planning a Babymoon

The goal of any babymoon, in my opinion, is to go on a holiday that will provide many of the things that you will miss or not as easily enjoy once your baby arrives. What you will miss in those busy early months of parenthood will vary depending on the type of person you are, but I hope the babymoon ideas in this article will cover all bases for all kinds of people, and then the tips below will also help you choose when, how and where to travel on your babymoon.

Babymoon Ideas for All Expecting Parents

Personally, for my babymoons (and to be honest any holiday!) I just wanted to relax. When I was pregnant with my first child, we planned our babymoon as a last luxury adults-only holiday in a number of luxury resorts in Phuket, Thailand, but then with my second pregnancy because we already had one son (who was nearly three when we went on a babymoon to Greece, we wanted to balance relaxation for Mum and Dad, with fun activities and quality time with our son.

That's why we chose a luxury family-friendly resort (with a kids club he could go to for half a day) and we splashed out (pardon the pun) on a room with a private pool so we could all have fun swimming together in the afternoon. It was a great balance and a perfect babymoon idea for when you already have a young family.

But every couple, parent-to-be, family is different. And our budgets, and time-allowances are different too. With this in mind, here are a selection of babymoon ideas and suggestions to get you planning your own babymoon that will be perfect for expecting mums and dads. Below you can also find some more tips, some specific babymoon destination ideas, as well as answers to really common questions about when and how you should travel when pregnant. And if you want even more babymoon destinations to choose from, this is the post for you!

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Ideas for a one night babymoon

If all you have is one night for a babymoon, don't fret. You can still make this count! Maybe you want to go away on your own, maybe you want to go away with your significant other, or a friend, but either way you should do what you can to do exactly what you want and to really spoil yourself. My idea of a perfect one-night babymoon would be a kid-free night in a luxury hotel - maybe with a spa or swimming pool - and then treat myself to either a lavish dinner (at the hotel or nearby) or maybe a night in with room service and then breakfast in bed. If you're feeling more active, go somewhere out in the country where you can go for a walk or maybe even a wild swim, and then enjoy drinking tea under a night sky full of stars. If you are the kind of person who loves company and a bit of fuss why not turn your one-night babymoon into a one-night baby shower with friends who can spoil you with a spa treatment (there are some excellent pregnancy massages these days) or an afternoon tea.

Don't ignore the luxury of just spending one night on your own. When my son was about fifteen months old I spent the night in a hotel on my own, just down the road from house in Amsterdam. He'd not long stopped breastfeeding and without wanting to sugarcoat things, I just needed a night to myself after spending every night with him, more often than not waking up to feed him or soothe him several times a night. I wanted to take a bath, to watch TV in bed and do a spot of writing. And I did just that. It was so restorative and special and while the hotel wasn't the best, it felt like a five-star treat! It was so delicious I'm seriously thinking about doing one night on my own like that before my next baby is born.

Ideas for a weekend babymoon

In many ways a weekend is the perfect length of time for a babymoon. It's short enough that you really focus on doing what you want, but long enough that you can do enough to feel like you really rest and take some time away from your routine. If you already have children or other commitments, this may be the only amount of time you can take when pregnant, so make sure you do something special and memorable. If I was to go on a weekend babymoon, I would probably do a city break with my partner, leaving our little boy with family or a much loved babysitter. Even though it's really not our usual cup of tea, I do think we'd be inclined to go somewhere in Europe that was romantic, quiet, and probably quite small. Some of the cities I've travelled to alone but would love to return to with my partner would be Ljubljana, Lisbon or Stockholm. However, if I wasn't up for travelling very far from our home in Amsterdam, I would be more than happy to spend a weekend in Utrecht just down the road or Ghent in Belgium, or maybe we would go back to Bruges. 

Our key requirements for a weekend babymoon would be a city we could walk or cycle around, a cosy boutique hotel, and a choice of good restaurants and cafes so we could meal-hop all day and night! 

Of course, this may not sound much fun to you if you're not a city-kind of person. Other great places to spend a weekend babymoon would be a cosy cottage in a beautiful location like on the beach or in the country. A friend of mine even went camping for her babymoon because that's what her partner and I like to do, and yes, she did sleep on the floor at 28 weeks pregnant, but of course, there are lots of very decent places you can go glamping in cabins or huts. The choice is yours!!

If you don't have a partner or would rather go away for a weekend with friends or other family members, I still think a city break would be a great idea, but I'm also quite taken by the idea of renting out an Airbnb with my best friends and actually just doing as much chilling at home as we do going out and seeing the sights. I'm actually heading back to the UK for a hen do very soon and this is seeming like a really fun babymoon activity to do, I just hope I can stay awake late enough to join in the evening and night-time fun!

Ideas for a one week babymoon

This was how long we took on our recent holiday to Sani Resort in Greece which doubled up as a babymoon and a family holiday. It was just the right amount of time for us because as much as I love being away with my toddler son, there's no denying it's not a week of relaxation, and in many ways getting back to work and him back to his usual routine of daycare and preschool was more of a rest! But, we managed to get a good balance of spending time together as a family but also grabbing a couple of hours of downtime for us adults when he was at kids club, which we're really lucky he always seems to enjoy. Choosing a resort that is all set up for families - like Sani Resort is - was an essential requirement for this babymoon, not just for the kids club but also for dining out with him - all the restaurants had high chairs, kid-friendly foods or a kids menu, and things like plastic cutlery and cups for little ones. This means a lot less stress for parents also wanting to enjoy a nice meal out. 

Personally, staying in a resort is also favourable to me than doing self-catering or Airbnb accommodation for the simple reason that I don't have to cook (or clean up!). I love cooking but I also like not cooking and I definitely like not worrying about the washing up or clothes washing for a week. Saving myself these jobs are small but significant luxuries to me, and because with self-catering places you often don't have everything you need doing domestic stuff and just going to the supermarket to stock the fridge for breakfast feels like a job I just don't want to do. So think about how you can treat yourself in these small ways when choosing a babymoon. You don't have to go for all-out luxury but rather, just pick a comfortable hotel or resort where you don't have to worry about what's for breakfast... or at least that worry is choosing from a huge breakfast buffet!!

Ideas for a babymoon that is longer than one week

Oh, you lucky duck! A babymoon of ten days or more is wonderful, especially if you are indulging some serious travel or luxury or relaxation. If you're expecting your first baby, and you feel physically and emotionally strong and healthy, I think doing some proper travel while pregnant is an excellent idea as you really don't know how you'll feel about long-term travel once you have a little one (for example, for us we just don't feel up to it!) so as much as I hate this phrase, now is the time to "get it out of your system". It's also a very memorable and special thing to do as a couple before the baby comes. 

It should go without saying, however, that you should take extra care planning and booking your travel. I would strongly recommend discussing it with your midwife or medical professional, and being mindful of the risks involved in visiting certain countries (for example, in recent years travelling to places where the Zika virus is found poses an extra and very serious risk to pregnant women). Take measures such as having good travel insurance (and ensuring they know you are pregnant!) and making sure you have a contigency budget to cover any incidentals or emergency flights home is a good idea. Personally, I wish I'd done one last big trip of two or three weeks to a place I've long wanted to go to that is considered a safe and reliable place to be - like Japan or Canada - as I think it will be a while before I do a big trip like that again (I'm hoping when my kids are older, but even then I'll have to factor in costs of school holidays etc).  

Long-term travels while pregnant isn't for everyone so don't think just because you can do it (i.e. you are feeling good in pregnancy and you have the resources) that you should. Pregnancy can change very quickly, and in many ways the changes that you have coming up are adventure enough so be kind to yourself and know that a babymoon of two weeks (or more!) in a holiday resort or in a few hotels will be just as special and memorable, and may actually be better for you in terms of giving you decent opportunities to rest and relax.

Babymoon Tips for Planning The Best Babymoon for YOU!

The tips below are for first-time or many-time mums, and while the general ideas are applicable to those who are becoming parents through adoption or other circumstances, there is a focus on travelling on babymoon ideas and babymoon planning tips that includes travel while pregnant. I appreciate this isn't very inclusive but I would suggest you head over to this post with lots of recommended babymoon destinations for you to go through right now.

At What Stage in Your Pregnancy Should I Go on a Babymoon?

The answer to this question will depend on many different factors, but not least what your medical professional thinks and how you are feeling. It's hard to predict the future of any pregnancy but normally the second trimester is the time when most pregnant women feel their best. They have more energy than the other two trimesters, they have less sickness than the first, and find it easier to move than when they're more heavily pregnant, and yet they still look pregnant so people will make allowances or offer to help (sometimes!).

If you are having extra care or scans for something during your pregnancy I would highly recommend getting your midwife or doctor to give you advice on when or if you should travel. If you're enjoying (ahem!) a relatively straight-forward pregnancy then the decision when to go on a babymoon really should just lie with you and your partner or travel companions. You have to do what feels right for you.

For us, we went to Thailand when I was around 23-24 weeks pregnant, and I would say that this was just right. I was pregnant enough to look (and feel!) it, but still small enough to move around easily, not get too hot, and to travel long-haul fairly comfortably. With my second pregnancy and second babymoon to Sani Resort in Greece, I was a bit behind this - 20 weeks - but this worked out better because with a toddler also under our feet and being my second pregnancy, I was showing more and slowing more as I had another big drain on my energy!

I also had to travel (alone!) back to the UK for personal reasons at 28 and 30 weeks and I can confidently say that going away with my son, albeit to a luxury resort with great kids' facilities etc. still would have been much harder than I would have liked, so I'm glad I took my second babymoon early!

This post on pregnancy shares more advice about when and how you should travel during pregnancy, but apart from at the end of your third trimester, all being well, there is no restriction on when you can travel, and the only restriction that kicks in during the end of your pregnancy is regarding flying as most airlines will not allow a woman who is 36 weeks pregnant or more to fly with them.

That said, for some airlines it is much lower, and in the third trimester most will require you to carry a certificate from your medical professional declaring how many weeks pregnant you are, and how it's safe for you to be flying. I would recommend doing this as early as six months pregnant, especially if you are, ahem, carrying quite big.

Both my pregnancies have been similar in that I looked quite big from around 25 weeks onwards. In my first pregnancy I got a certificate for a flight at 28 weeks and the airlines did indeed ask to see it. I'm going to be flying quite a bit in my early third trimester so I'm definitely taking that certificate with me for those flights!

How Far Should You Fly or Travel for a Babymoon?

Again this is a personal decision depending on how you are feeling, and how far you really want to be away from home, and what your circumstances and situation are (i.e. will you be taking other kids with you?). Long flights can also be uncomfortable for pregnant women - and there are possible increased risks of blood clots etc - so be mindful of this.

Of course, not everybody travels for a babymoon during pregnancy and some have to fly long distances when pregnant for work or to see family, but I guess if this trip is for a fun or relaxing babymoon, don't go further than you really want to or maybe even have to. 

Think about things like jet lag too. I've experienced quite a bit of pregnancy insomnia in my second pregnancy and so I didn't want to cross too many time zones with our babymoon because I didn't want to risk having terrible sleep while away or when we got back. I also have had more pelvic pain when I sit down for long periods of time so that also put me off flying for more than three hours. That's why we chose Greece.

We were of course lucky that I was in my second trimester during the summer in Europe so we didn't have to worry about finding sunny weather within a few hours of flying. With my first pregnancy he was due in the summer so we went on our babymoon in March and so had to go a bit further afield for sunshine and warmth. Of course, there are other advantages of travelling outside of summer months as the airports are quieter and flights are cheaper etc. Think about all these factors as you plan your babymoon.

When it comes to flying for a babymoon, what I would say is actually more important is thinking about airport transfers and the onward journey once you have arrived at an airport. Increasingly with my age, whether pregnant or not, once I'm off a plane I'm desperate to get to my destination so a short transfer is always very appealing to us.

This may be the case for you when you're pregnant because flying and travelling for long periods of time is tiring, and pregnant women can get tired quicker than most. Think also about how you travel, as you may be more prone to motion sickness while pregnant (I know I am, especially in the first trimester) and so going from a plane to a train to a bus may leave you feeling pretty bad. If a long transfer after a flight is unavoidable do what you can to make it as comfortable as possible by maybe staying a night at an airport hotel first or getting a private transfer, if you can afford either or both.

And remember you don't have to fly for a babymoon! You can stay local, splash out on something really special and luxurious an hour or so away from home by train or by car. If we were going away later than my current stage of pregnancy I would definitely have chosen this option over flying!

Where Should I Go for a Babymoon?

As much as I'd love to spend hours researching perfect babymoon destinations and throwing down a list of suggestions, I think this is such a personal decision this would also be a bit of a useless exercise. Instead I would consider the following things:

  • Go somewhere you know and love OR somewhere you feel safe going.
  • Go somewhere with an easy journey.
  • Go somewhere where you can do exactly what you want to do.
  • Go somewhere with good access to medical facilities.

For us, we chose to go on a babymoon in places I'd already been and in the case of Thailand, to a country we've actually lived in before. This provided a lot of comfort to us both as we were dealing with a familiar country.

We did some brief research to know how far away we'd be from a hospital and we also chose to stay in resorts that were long-established, with good reviews, and had some information about having an on-site doctor, or failing that a procedure for reaching one.

We also made sure we weren't going anywhere with risks like malaria, dengue fever or Zika virus, and we were mindful of expected weather in the destination at the time we wanted to be there.

And if you want some specific suggestions for resorts, hotels and city breaks for babymoons in various locations around the world, here's my list of babymoon destinations, that I will keep adding to as and when I find another good place!

What Should I Pack for my Babymoon?

Again this depends on where you're going and what you're doing but my best advice for anyone travelling while pregnant (for babymoon or not!) is to always remember comfort and snacks! Wear and pack your most comfortable clothes.

For me that means loose fitting, supportive maternity wear and I always for any resort that has a beach or pool I'll be lying on, I make sure I have a sarong to cover up my bump or just wrap around me quickly. Don't forget sunglasses and a hat if you're heading somewhere warm and sunny, as you will be more sensitive to the light while pregnant, and likewise go for a high SPF cream to as your skin will also be quicker to burn.

If you're going on a city break or somewhere where you'll be walking lots then go for comfortable shoes that are loose on you already as you may find your feet swell from the flight, a change in climate or just from being walked on a lot! In the same vein of thought I would also take any rings off when you fly!

Regarding my snacks comment, I'm not joking! Walking through an airport and waiting in queues for security and the like can use up more calories than you expect so always have something on hand to munch on should your blood pressure drop. Likewise packing your own snacks may help you make healthier food choices than over-indulging in processed foods from overpriced airport cafes and shops should this be something you try to avoid while pregnant (for the record, I try to but don't always succeed!).

I would also recommend having a refillable water bottle with you so you stay hydrated during the flight, and if you're flying in your first trimester and don't yet really look pregnant, it's still sensible to tell cabin crew that you are pregnant in case you need extra water or snacks outside of meal serving times - they may also bring you your meal early.

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