PRESENTATION: Shine Online - How To Make Your Blog (Get) Work For You

Shine Online is a presentation aimed at bloggers who are freelancers or are considering a freelance career. It is designed to give you some quick and easy suggestions on ways you can enhance your online presence (your blog and social media channels) so that a potential client finds you, likes you and hires you. Regardless of what skill or service you are selling as a freelancer - writing, blogging, photography, design, consultancy services - there are things you can do to improve your visibility and employability, including using your blog as part of your portfolio and showcasing your skills.

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Click on this link to download a pdf version of "Shine Online! Make your blog (get) work for you!" , which I presented at  TBU Rotterdam  in May 2013.

Shine Online can be accompanied by a workshop I did called " Going Freelance ", which was about setting yourself up as a freelancer to gain work online. It contains a number of exercises and lots of practical advice and encouragement to help you identify the skills you can sell online. You can find out more and view a very long page of helpful freelancing tips on this page.

Resources for Shine Online

In my presentation I talk about the impact of a good About or Contact page and how I didn't maximise the potential of my Twitter profile until only recently. Below are some examples of these that I think are effective. Remember, don't copy... reinterpret and reinvigorate with a healthy portion of you!

I would also like to add the following tips that I didn't include in my talk that are possibly valuable:

  • Google yourself and see which profiles/web pages come up first, these will also be same results for a client so focus on making sure these are sending the right message.
  • If you're looking to build a portfolio from scratch, i.e. you don't yet have any work examples, then your blog is one platform that you can upload to, but also balance this with guest posts/articles you write for other blogs so pick the publications wisely and ensure your content and the publication is relevant to your chosen freelancing profession.
  • Always update your online portfolio with recent examples of your work or testimonials. Set a reminder to check this at least once a month.
  • On the day of my talk, I was approached by a potential client via Facebook for a copywriting job. This is proof that they are watching you on social media too!