Prima di andare via...

Buongiorno tutti! Allora, oggi parliamo in Italiano.  Basta.  Enough of that.

Today's #MusicMonday is influenced by my next destination; Italia for Blogville!

I studied Italian at University and just about remember enough to still sing along with this song, a song that I listened to on Italian radio whilst spending a summer working on the shores of Lake Garda. It was next to heaven; swimming in the Lake every morning, eating gelato with my new friends and wondering whether to gorge myself on pizza or pasta that evening. It was precisely the very reason I decided to study Italian and I cannot wait to reignite my love for Italy in Bologna tomorrow.

Just to help you out listening to this, in a round about kind of way he's basically singing "Before you do one, I hope you'll dance with me a teeny weeny bit. Your body is moving to the music and this is the last chance I have to get it on with you....  Jeepers, you are beautiful, maybe too beautiful for me. If I only had one quick moment, what would I say?"

I think we can all agree it sounds better in Italian, so enjoy!

Last week saw us come back to UK for a friend's wedding and I made a conscious decision to not Instagram the special day and just enjoy being in the beautiful English countryside with Newman.

I took only one photo as we approached the venue, which was an old Abbey in Buckinghamshire, and in a weird way this photo sums up that very essence of what I love about UK and its surprisingly simple beauty....

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