Motherhood: A Playlist of Songs for my Unborn Child

Songs for my unborn baby

In the first fragile months of my pregnancy I wanted to write about what I was feeling. But I didn't. I half regret this, half know all to well why I made that decision. You see, during my first few weeks of pregnancy I didn't battle with morning sickness, headaches or nausea. I battled with an equally powerful but arguably much more physically pleasant condition: fear. I was scared about what was going to happen next for me, for my body, for my relationship and well, the rest of my life.

But one thing I did do was start compiling a playlist of songs for my unborn child.

Throughout those fragile, abstract early weeks and months of pregnancy, I successfully conjured up a thousand worst case scenarios and then juggled them all in my mind. On my good days, I threw them out of sight with a shake of my head. On my bad days, I let myself cry, scream, shout or just soak in a hot bath at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. All the while, I knew that there was one thing that would help: Writing. And yet, I didn't.

But one thing I did do was keep adding songs to that playlist for my little child in utero.

I feared what writing would do. If I made all my fears and thoughts exist out in the open, in a readable format, then they would have a greater potential to come true, rather than just letting them stay in their cloud-like intangible state, occasionally falling silent in my head drowned out by a million other thoughts.

But one thing I did do was spend hours and hours listening to those songs I chose for my unborn baby.

(Of course none of this makes any real sense. Welcome to the hormonal highs and lows of pregnancy.)

(And yes, I know this is only the beginning and these fears and doubts and worries won't stop any time soon.)

So, rather than write words, I listened to them. I filled my ears with songs that have kept me company for years. Old friends that made me feel good. And when some of them made me tilt my head south and give a little smile to my baby - which only really started  to show itself about a month ago - then I added them to a playlist I was building on Spotify called "New Journey".

I now listen to these happy, love-filled songs on a near daily basis. And therefore so does Baby Bird. Maybe you'll enjoy them too. There's not a cheesy lullaby in sight... well, not really.

And you can .

Now, over to you. Which songs would you choose for a playlist for your baby in utero? I'd love to hear your suggestions...

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Frances M. Thompson

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