MusicMonday: "I Love Lapland" Playlist

I normally snowboard with music playing in a headphone squeezed into my right ear. I leave my left ear open to the shouts of NewMan telling me off when I've turned the wrong way or because I like to listen out for all the ten year olds on skis that are considerably faster than I am at times. I let my music play on shuffle or I'll play my favourite snowboarding playlist. Normally the music I choose to play is fast, heavy and a little bit dirty. Drum and bass, grime, dubstep, old school hip, indie guitar rock all does the trick. Normally...

Snowboarding in Lapland has been a very different experience. Compared to the Alps where I've snowboarded before, there is a completely different atmosphere and mood. I touched on this in this post but to summarise, here there are no ten year olds wanting to take me out. There are very few crowds to battle with and nor do NewMan and I seem to be in a hurry to "shred" the life out of our legs and snowboards. The pistes are so well groomed there's no need for my "gangster, grimey, dub-stepping game face" just to get down while still oozing a decent amount of cool. It is also astonishingly beautiful up here. And so we just seem to float and fly down and around the mountain like we are weightless. A deep and dirty bass line or angry gangster rapper eff-ing and jeff-ing about something or another just doesn't quite suit the other worldly surroundings we find ourselves floating and flying in.

But I have found many songs that do capture the magic and I have bundled them up into this playlist of songs I've loved listening to while snowboarding in Levi, Lapland in wonderful, I-could-live-here-even-in-winter-Finland. I think the songs may suit whatever you're doing right now, as even away from snowy landscapes they're pretty songs. You can listen to more of my playlists on 8tracks.
I love Lapland from Asthebirdflies on 8tracks Radio.
I also can't not share last week's Instagrams with you. They are such a lovely, lucky collection. I know already I'll look back on the photos and memories I have of our time in Lapland and a small part of me will question whether it really happened. The rest of me will grin knowingly.How was your week? I hope it had a little magic in it too. If not, don't worry. There's still this week to make magical.

Frances M. Thompson

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