Competition: Win 200,000 Air Miles with AirFrance KLM's #Flyingview Contest

I'm not usually one for competitions, but last year I entered a travel photography competition that could have seen me win a round the world trip's worth of air miles. I did it simply by uploading one of my favourite travel photos (some palm trees I think) and was actually more excited about the prospect of possibly having my photo printed on a luggage tag, which the grand winners also won.

Spoiler alert: I didn't win. These were the stunning winning photos...

But when AirFrance KLM told me they were running the same competition this year I wanted to share it with you as there may be someone out there - one of my lovely readers - with the winning photo. I'm also happy to share this competition because it's a great prize - three winners will get 200,000 Miles, Flying Blue Platinum membership for 1 year and their photos on thousands of luggage tags - very easy to enter; you don't have to give them your inner leg measurement and you don't have to jump through hoops to submit a photo.

The easiest way is to tag your best travel photos on Instagram with the hashtag #FlyingView or you can upload DSLR photos on this website (and also check out the beautiful other photos that have already been submitted).

The theme of the competition is "Revisit your world" and you can choose from three photo categories to submit a photo to; Landscape, Closeup or Lifestyle (be sure to add these as hashtags to your Instagram photos!).

Judging ends on 9th June 2015 so get uploading!

On a separate note, consider this post my way of also giving you advice about joining airline loyalty programs, It's one of my biggest regrets that I didn't join a few of them earlier because if you fly regularly you can quickly reap the benefits. I would have double the points that I would have now. For more of my tips for getting the most out of flying, check out this article on flight hacks that I wrote for Travelettes.

Frances M. Thompson

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