MusicMonday: Battleships by I'm from Barcelona

Good morning! As you read this I am enjoying my first "press trip" experience in Southend Airport, Essex. It's part of that competition I was nagging  telling you about the other week. I'm one of five lucky bloggers who are being flown to Barcelona by EasyJet to celebrate their inaugural flight from Southend Airport to Barcelona.

Or if you're checking in a little later on this fine(ish) Monday then I will aboard that very flight heading south to Spain.

But of course if you've waited until after work and your dinner to see what I chose for my #MusicMonday this week, then I'll be part way through a busy day of getting to know Barcelona and my fellow bloggers better.

I'm excited to experience travel in this different way, i.e. not just as cattle on a pre-booked flight, and to also liaise with the other bloggers who funnily enough aren't specifically travel bloggers but cover a fascinating range of other subjects; beauty, fashion, football. I will also report back (honestly!) on my EasyJet experience as a both a blogger and a potential customer. But of course I will take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to explore a city I've never been to, which has been celebrated as a fantastic place to visit by so many who have gone there before me.

My camera is fully charged, my map of Barcelona cached, my notebook and pen tucked into my bag. I've also managed to avoid packing any orange clothes so as to not look like I'm sucking up to EasyJet in front of the other bloggers. I am ready.

You may have listened to my playlist, which was specifically inspired by the idea of visiting Barcelona, which I shared with you when I asked for Twitter votes. Because this means that I have now exhausted all the possible choices for a song with a direct link to Barcelona I thought I'd go with another song by one of my favourite bands. Ladies and gents, this is Battleships by I'm from Barcelona.

You may have noticed that the video is not the official video for the song and in fact is of some crazy mad talented dude riding a bike. I must have been feeling all filled up with adrenaline from our snowboarding trip to have picked this video.

And here comes proof of our snowboarding trip in might Instagram form.Follow me and my Barcelona adventures on Instagram and on Twitter as bushbirdie.

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