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Welcome to WriteNOW Cards!

Writing is hard. Beating yourself up about writing being hard, and ignoring your work as a result, is easy. I have never liked this dynamic.

Writing is also enjoyable, good for the mind, and a whole lot of fun. This is what I want to remember and focus on, even when writing feels hard. 

This is why I created WriteNOW Cards. These affirmation cards are designed to help writers focus on all the many positives of writing, and to believe in themselves and their writing so they can enjoy their practise more and more every day.

WriteNOW Cards - The Classic Collection

What you get: Fifty cards printed on high-quality paper in a rainbow of colours, featuring 47 different affirmation statements. The cards are typical business card size - 84mm x 55mm - so a card can easily fit in your wallet, your pocket, your notebook or could even act as a bookmark. WriteNOW Cards are printed by Moo and are delivered in a durable case that allows your cards to travel well.

Price: $25 USD, including postage & packaging, worldwide. (Please note, bulk orders will be cheaper - please contact me for a quote - hello@fmthompson.com) 

How to order: Please send an email to hello@fmthompson.com from your PayPal email address with the title "WriteNOW Cards Order" AND please include your shipping address. You will then be sent a PayPal invoice to fulfill. Your cards will be shipped as soon as payment has been received.

Please note: This is a soft launch for WriteNOW Cards and I will be manually processing each order so that I can monitor how the system works and how big demand is. Feedback is always, always welcome - hello@fmthompson.com

A Short History of WriteNOW Cards

I first had the idea to create affirmation cards for writers back in the summer of 2016.

Inspired primarily by yesmum cards, which I began using after becoming a mother in 2015 and subsequently experienced post-natal depression and anxiety, I knew that there was a real need for writers to practise affirmation in order to counteract the many "obstacles" that can slow a writer down, or stop him/her writing completely. This is not to mention the many, many people who never start writing because they feel they can't or shouldn't.

In September 2016 I began brainstorming what I wanted my cards to look like and after countless edits, changes and decisions, I'm very proud of the final product, which launched in August 2017. The colours have been chosen to suit the affirmations on the cards and "the rainbow" the cards create is cheery and positive. I hope you love these cards as much as I do, and use them every day, just like I do.

This soft launch is a way of seeing if the cards do what I intend them to, which is to help keep writers focused, motivated and feeling good as they write. Should demand for the cards be enough, I will be adding more collections to WriteNOW Cards (like for editing or for poets) and as always, feedback and any comments are gratefully received - hello@fmthompson.com. I always love connecting with other writers!

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