In photos: Jetty Jumping in Coffs Harbour

I'm not ashamed to admit that over Christmas I put my camera down, put my feet up and didn't worry too much about seeing the sights. I was shocked how quickly I took to this lacklustre approach to my new and unfamiliar surroundings.

This was perhaps aided somewhat by the fact that the town we were staying in isn't a place often associated with world-class sight-seeing or an abundance of cultural discovery opportunities. No indeed, Coffs Harbour is more commonly known for being a popular stop on the backpackers' surfers tour of the east coast and it is very famous for the Big Banana.

It is of course special to us as it's where NewMan's Mum lives and it is where we spent a lovely Christmas with her.

However, my camera and I did enjoy witnessing a strange phenomenon in Coffs Harbour one day as NewMan, his brother and I stretched our legs near the beachfront.

Jetty Jumping. I'll be honest I was tempted to jump myself, but I wasn't dressed for the event. Perhaps more honestly I was well aware that I had the potential to chicken out at the last minute, which could have been really embarrassing considering we were surrounded by children fearlessly jumping in. There is no greater shame than being shown up by someone a half your size and a quarter your age.

Frances M. Thompson

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