Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Did you guess correctly?

I'm fairly sure that you weren't a million miles away. Holland is a small country after all.

So why were we inspired to go Dutch? Why did we choose Amsterdam?

Well, there's the bikes, the culture, the history, the canals, the art, the coffee shops, the, errr, sex shops...

And there's also the possibility of one day seeing this:

And this was before my good friend Betty sent me the following list of "fun facts" about our new home, which she found on Visit Holland's website. I have included her original comments in brackets. Isn't life just that little bit easier when you have truly supportive friends. Betty is also travelling at the moment (after I left her in New Zealand she went  on to do a similar tour of Australia to the one I did and she is currently in southeast Asia) and it's been wonderful to share her experience of travel even though we weren't always in the same place.

  • the Netherlands has approximately 480 inhabitants per square kilometre
  • with only 0.008% of the world's area, the Netherlands is the world's third largest agricultural exporter (Good chat!)
  • the Netherlands has at least 15,000 km of cycle tracks (Get on yer bike!)
  • the Netherlands still has about 1,000 traditional working windmills
  • the Dutch are the tallest people in Europe 
  • the Netherlands has nearly 1,000 museums, with 42 in Amsterdam alone (Far too many for me!)
  • almost every Dutch person has a bicycle and there are twice as many bikes as cars
  • you can see 22 paintings by Rembrandt and 206 by Van Gogh in Amsterdam
  • the Netherlands has the highest number of part-time workers in the EU (four in ten people).. (They clearly like a bit of "chilling")
  • the Netherlands' highest point is 323 metres high and is therefore called a " mountain"
  • one in every three Dutch people belongs to a sports club (lots of hockey!)
  • after Scandinavians, the Dutch are the world's biggest coffee drinkers (Really??! Don't believe that after being in Oz!)
  • people of 200 nationalities live in Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges
  • when Dutch schoolchildren pass their exams, they hang a Dutch flag and a school bag outside their homes (?)

    1. We were discussing how tall the Dutch were with friends just the other day! Completely random I know ...
      I understand Betty's surprise on the coffee drinking thing, we Aussies certainly go through a lot of it, but I'm even more surprised that that must mean they're out drinking the Italians too which I have a lot of trouble believing!

      1. You see I never got the whole "Dutch people are really tall" thing until NewMan met and got neck ache from looking up at the guy we found our flat with. NewMan said he was like 6ft 8 but I'm not sure I believe him!! I will endeavour to report on the height thing as soon as we're settled! :-D
        Bird x


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