Monday, 12 March 2012

Maybe I'm crazy?

Sometimes I find the sweetest songs by total accident and they make me smile from the inside out.

This song was one of them. I stumbled across it on an 8tracks playlist and immediately Googled the artist.

Sometimes I hear the saddest things about people I don't know and it makes my spirit droop.

The artist, Nujabes is a Japanese hip hop producer and he died in car crash in 2010 aged 36.

I had only listened to the one of his songs just once and yet I felt his loss in the world. Is that a little crazy?

Maybe, maybe not. Either way please enjoy his music.

Today's small number of Instagrams are of home. We've been back nearly a week and despite mixed emotions, a long to do list and a sad realisation that one special journey has come to an end, we're happy to back in London with friends and family. Plus I got my hair cut. Woo.

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