Monday, 23 April 2012

You can't hide what's inside...

You just can't, ok? So live open and freely. We have been since our move to Amsterdam, mainly because there's a serious lack of curtains in our flat. Ahem.

Anyway. Today's #MusicMonday selection is inspired by the internet radio station that NewMan and I have been listening to virtually non-stop since our arrival in Amsterdam. Soulfood does what it says on the tin, feeding us with disco and soul that we've bopped along to this week while unpacking, working, cooking, cleaning, settling in. The reason we can listen to it everywhere in the house is that this two floor flat has Sonos, which to quote my (nerdy) boyfriend makes it "super tech". No, I don't know what this means either, but I do like that I can control the music I listen to in the bath on my iPhone.

Anyway back to the music. This song came on Soulfood. I loved it. Shazam-ed it and now want to share it with you. It was also a hit for Earth, Wind and Fire, which I think is why it was vaguely familiar, but I think it suits a woman's voice nicely. I hope it reminds me of our first week in Amsterdam.

And here are my first Instagrams of Amsterdam. Find me and my photos on Instagram as bushbirdie.